Summer Camp Survival Tips

Summer sleep away camp is something any and every kid should experience at leas once, because it can be a great fun and an event that you will remember for a long time. However if you are going to your first ever camp, it can be overwhelming, because you don’t know what to pack and what to expect from the camp itself. So let me help you with some summer camp survival tips, that will let you have the best camping experience possible.

1. Decide on what fun things to bring

Camp ca be daunting especially if you don’t know anybody, so while you are packing for camp you should really decide on what to bring to the camp to have something to do as well as to make friends faster. Many people assume that there will be things like footballs and voleyball balls at the camp, but it won’t hurt if you bring your own, so you can struck up a friendly game and that way meet some people at the camp. Another great thing to bring is a portable speaker, as that way you can be the DJ of you cabin or of your whole camp and make many friends by taking their song requests or organizing an impromptu dance parties. Just check your camp’s regulation or ask permission beforehand so you don’t go against rules and your stuff doesn’t end up confiscated by the camp chancellors.

2. Pack extra

Camp packing

Many camps provide their campers with a list of essentials that they absolutely should bring to the camp, but that list usually is far from complete. So better pack some extra things than to not have them during camp. You should also probably pack a few more extra changes of clothes than you think you will need, since often you can end up dirtying your clothes in the middle of the day by doing different activities that the camp offers and having to change a couple of more times than you originally anticipated.

3. Bring flashlight

A any camp essential is a flashlight, because it can come in handy on many different occasions. Yes, you can use the flashlight app on your phone, but it isn’t as convenient as using a real flashlight. On top of that the flashlight app will drain your phone battery which you don’t want so just bring an actual flashlight. Just remember to pack some extra batteries too, because you will be glad to have them when you end up using your flashlight every evening of the camps duration.

4. Make sure you have ways to contact your family

summer camp mail

And lastly also make sure that you have sure ways to contacting your family. Be it scheduled phone calls, letters or face-time chats with your family and friends back home. Almost everybody gets lonely at some point during stay-away camp, which is totally normal. So talking to your family or friends can help heal the loneliness and get you back on track of enjoying the summer at camp and making a lifetime of memories.