The Most Scenic Campsites in America

Camping for many is a common summer activity, because it allows to enjoy the peace and beauty of nature to the fullest as well as to get away from the city. But, since not everybody are as outdoorsy and likes camping, it might help to convince those who aren’t as keen on camping if the campsite you will be staying at has killer view. So lets take a look at some of the most scenic campsites in America.

Yosemite National Park in California

Yosemite National Park

Probably one of the most beautiful camping places in America is the Yosemite National park, which is located on the eastern part of California. It is famous because in Yosemite there are granite cliffs, waterfalls, clear streams, lakes, mountains, glaciers and many different ecosystems and creatures living there, so everybody will be able to find something appealing there. Set your campsite on one of the mountain ridges, near a lake, a waterfall or anywhere else, and you will have amazing view to make camping even more enjoyable.

Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona

Grand Canyon National Park

Another iconic national park with beautiful camping grounds and unbelievable views is the Grand Canyon National Park which is located in northwestern Arizona. Although the park is best known for the Grand Canyon, which is the central feature of this park, there are many more remote yet just as beautiful camping sites all across the park, that can provide an amazing place to camp. On top of that you can also visit the Grand Canyon if you are in the National Park and you will be able to say, that you have seen one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.

Olympic National Park in Washington

Olympic National Park

If woods and mountains are more your thing, you might like the Olympic National Park in Washington on the Olympic Peninsula, hence the name of the park. You will find four distinct environments in this National Park. There is the Pacific coastline with a killer ocean view, the alpine area with grandiose mountain ridges, the forest area on the east side of the park with wooden areas for exploration and the temperate rain forest in the west side with beautiful greenery. So if you want to have one of these views from your campsite, go stay at the Olympic National Park.

Joshua Tree National Park in California

Joshua Tree National Park

And lastly I will mention the Joshua Tree National Park located in the southeast part of California. It got his name tanks to the type of trees that are native to this park. If you go there you will be able to enjoy a view of desert, with two distinct ecosystems, one in the Mojave Desert part of the park and the other in the Colorado Desert part of Joshua Tree. On top of that there are the Little San Bernardino Mountains running through the southwest part of this National park adding to the unique relief of the park and the unique campground view you will have, if you go on a camping trip in this park.