How to Find Cheap Accommodations?

Weather you want to travel but you don’t have a lot of money or you just want to see the world for as cheap of a price as possible, cheap accommodations are a must, because other than the travel tickets, accommodations usually are the most expensive thing you have to pay for. But to a traveling newbie finding inexpensive places to stay can seem impossible, which is why I wanted o provide some options for you, so you can travel without spending a ton of money.


One of the best ways how to find cheap places to stay and that will also give you the benefit of staying somewhere where you can meet local, who can suggest you all the best places to visit, is to use a website to find your accommodations. There are multiple different ones, where you can even find places to stay for free or a small fee, but the most popular ones and most reliable ones are,, as well as And if you decide on staying with someone who offers their home as a staying place for travelers, usually these people are outgoing and will not only tell you more about the place you are, than you will find in travel guides, but will also take you to parties, local hangouts and show you all the best places, so you can really get to know the place and the culture in that place.

Another option, if you don’t want to stay at a strangers home, is to stay in a hostel rather than a hotel or motel. Hostels are the perfect thing for those who want to travel chap, because they are pretty inexpensive. Of coarse because they are fairly cheap, they do offer a dormitory-style accommodations, where all the facilities are shared usually including the place you will be sleeping. But again that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, because that gives you the chance to communicate with other people, other travelers to not only meet new people but to find buddies to go touring the city with. On top of that, most hostels offer smaller single or double rooms for only a slightly larger price, so you really can get the same type of stay like you would in a hotel, but actually spend that much less money. And it is not uncommon thing for hostels to actually offer more different amenities than hotels, so I think it is a no brainier to chose a hostel in the place of a hotel.

short-term rental

And lastly there is the option to chose a short-term rental instead of a hotel or a hostel which essentially is a fully furnished and operational apartment or house, that other people rent out. Because they aren’t equipped with things like room-service and such, these types of accommodations tend to be cheaper that hotels. Also rentals offer a lot of amenities and a total privacy if you are the type of traveler who wants to keep to themselves or if you are traveling with your family. In short you could say that by choosing a short-term rental you can have the comfort of staying at home while you actually are traveling the world. And websites like and make it easy to find the best places and rent them.