Cottage Rental Tips

Summer truly is the perfect time for vacation, because it is warm outside, which opens up many different options as to what you can do and where you can stay. One of these options is also to rent a cottage, because that will allow you to enjoy the same comfort as you would if you would be staying at the hotel, but you won’t have to actually pay the extra price of room-service and you will be able to take the vacation with your whole family or friend group. And to help make the best decision about which cottage will be the perfect fit for you and how you can save money in the process, here are a few cottage rental tips I have picked up over time.


One of the first things you should look for when you are deciding on which cottage to rent is check if the cottage not only has road access, but if the cottage also have amenities like indoors plumbing, access to tap water, a boiler for water heating ad so on. In everyday life we rarely think about these types of things, but when you are tinging about renting a cottage, especially if it is deep in the woods or in a remote place, some of these amenities might not be there. For example there might be a septic system in the bathroom of your cottage instead of full on plumbing, which means that you need to watch out as to what you flush down the toilet. The same goes for what type of water is pumped through the tap. In a cottages by the lake a common practice is to have you water come from the lake which means you shouldn’t drink it without boiling it and it shouldn’t be also used for cooking and such. So make sure you know these things about the cottage you will be renting.

Also you should do your research about the surrounding area of your cottage beforehand. Make sure you know how far away is the closest store or town where you might find all your necessities if you run out of food, booze or anything else. Also for families especially you should check where is the closest hospital or doctor, as anything can happen when you are exploring an unknown territory. On top of that a closest town can be a great way to spend one of your vacation days, because smaller towns often offer unique shops or attractions, that you might not have in your hometown.


For those who are in the 48% and like to fish, hunt or do other outdoors activities while on vacation, you also need to know what type if any licenses or permits you need to have. There are times when you need to have a special license to fish on the lake or to operate a boat on the lake. So read up on the laws of the place where you will be renting your cottage, because nothing puts a damper on your holidays like a fine from the local law enforcement.

And lastly don’t be afraid to ask for as much of pictures and descriptions as possible from the owners of the cottage you will be renting. You want to rent a nice place and you also want to be prepared for your vacation, so inquire about everything. Even if the owners don’t provide much pictures on the internet, ask them to send you some more. And also ask about things like cooking utensils, bed sheets, the type of beach there is next to the house, if the cottage and the area is pet friendly if you have a pet, if there is access to the internet or cell coverage and so much more. The more questions you will ask, the better you will know about the place you will be renting and if it is suited for your needs. And don’t forget to look up reviews, too, because if the price is too good to be true, chances are there is something wrong with the area or the cottage itself and you will quickly find out what by reading the reviews on the place.