Are fast food restaurants really as bad as everyone thinks?

There are a lot of horror stories heard about fast food restaurants. They are considered to be unhealthy, insanitary and even dangerous for life. Researches has proved the correlation between the increased count of fast food restaurants and death from heart diseases and overweight. All this information makes us think that fast food restaurants are bad and nobody should visit them. Actually, the situation is not as bad as everyone thinks. Also fast food restaurants can be healthy and tasty.

First we should understand what is fast food restaurant. Those are specific type of restaurants that provides fast food cuisine and minimal table service. All kind of foods can be served, but the common aspect is that all of them are cooked in bulk and kept hot. When the costumer orders the food, it only has to be complected and packed. Usually this food is meant for takeaway, but usually there are some tables and chairs as well.

So any catering establishment that provides fast service, can be considered as fast food restaurant. McDonalds, Burger King and KFC are not the only ones. There many small fast food restaurant that doesn’t belong to any chain. There are even some vegan fast food restaurants and also restaurants that provide food from local ingredients only. Are these small fast food restaurants automatically bad, because they provide fast service?

The thing is that people think only big fast food chains are the ones that provide fast food service, so they consider every fast food restaurant bad. If we talk only about these fast food chains, than they really offer low quality food. The reason for that is very simple – they are saving money on using cheap intransigents and cooking methods. They buy the cheapest products they can find, so the mark up-would be huge even if they provide very low prices. They also use the same cooking oil many times and all the foods contains huge amount of old oil. Eating this kind of food regularly can lead to serious health problems and even death.

Unfortunately this notoriety of fast food chins has damaged the reputation of whole fast food industry, but there are lot of healthy fast food establishments as well. It is possible to have a cheap, healthy meal for takeaway. Unfortunately, the establishments who provide that are somewhere between many unhealthy fast food restaurants. It is hard to recognize which fast food restaurant provides healthy food, made form qualitative ingredients and which is typical fast food restaurant that offers only, unhealthy, oily, high calories food.

So if you doesn’t have time too cook, but at the same time doesn’t have enough money to eat in real restaurants daily, you can go to some fast food restaurants, just make some research before. Avoid huge fast food chains and go to some smaller, less popular catering establishments. Evaluate the food provided by taste and ingredients used. Don’t be afraid form fast food restaurants, just avoid unhealthy products.